Applying Bulk Actions to Cases

Sometimes you'll want to operate on cases in bulk. For example, suppose you've just reviewed all of the cases for a particular product and realized that there are a substantial number related to the setup and installation of the product. You decide to create a new area named Setup and then assign the setup-related cases to this area. But going through each case a second time to change its area would be tedious. That's where the bulk-editing capabilities of FogBugz come in handy. You can do nearly anything with a group of cases that you can do with a single case.

To start, build a filter that includes all of the cases that you're interested in, and then go to the list page. At the far left of the page, you'll see a set of checkboxes, as shown in Figure 3-19.

Figure 3-19. Selecting cases for a bulk action

Check the boxes next to the cases that you're interested in, and then click one of the action buttons at the bottom of the list. In this case, you're interested in editing the selected cases, so click the Edit button. This will open the bulk editing screen shown in Figure 3-20.

Tip Clicking the checkbox in the column header selects or unselects all the bugs on the page.

■Tip To select any range of consecutive bugs, check the first box, then hold down the Shift key and check the last box.

Figure 3-20. Bulk editing cases

The bulk editing screen looks very much like the normal case editing screen, but there are several differences:

• The top of the screen lists all of the cases that will be affected by the editing operation.

• You can't change the title field (because it wouldn't make sense to assign the same title to a whole group of cases).

• The various dropdown lists include "-- No Change --" as a choice. This allows you to let cases retain their own individual information.

• The page doesn't display the history of each case, though it does let you enter notes related to this edit.

Make any changes you like (in this case, selecting Setup as the area) and then click OK to apply the change to all of the selected cases. FogBugz will make the change and then show you a confirming screen, similar to the one in Figure 3-21. If you like, you can use the action buttons to perform further bulk operations here. Alternatively, you can use the menu bar to go back to the original list of cases.

Figure 3-21. Confirming a bulk edit

Depending on the cases that you select from the original list, you can perform a variety of bulk operations:

• If the cases are all in an e-mail inbox project, you can dismiss them as spam.

• You can edit the details of the cases, as you've already seen.

• You can assign the cases to a specific user.

• If all of the cases are open, you can resolve them.

• If all of the cases are resolved, you can reactivate them or close them.

• If all of the cases are closed, you can reopen them.

• You can send a reminder about the cases.

Figure 3-22 shows the screen that comes up when you choose to send a reminder about multiple cases. FogBugz constructs an e-mail message listing the cases in question together with their links. By default, the message will come from the user who sets up the reminder and go to all of the users who are currently assigned any of the cases. You can edit any of these fields, of course, together with the subject of the e-mail.

FogBugz - Microsoft Internet Explorer


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Address http : //shoof ly. larkgroup. larkf arm. com/FogBUGZ/def ault. asp

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User: Valerie Shriver List New Case

Send Email

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Email Reminder

|[email protected] | Your cases

| [email protected],[email protected]

Please re vie'.".' the text of the following email reminder and edit it as necessary._

There are cases that need your attention in FogBugz. ^

— Go to ht tp://shoofly.larkgroup.larkf

— If you are not already logged on, click to log on

— Click on the 'Show Me My Cases' link or enter the case numbers in the search box

Remember, if a case that you opened has been resolved, you still need to check that the resolution is OK and close the case.

If you need any help or if you don't know why you got this message, please contact me.

ht tp://shoofly.larkgroup.larkf ault.asp?9 ^|

_Send_| Cancel

Figure 3-22. Sending an e-mail reminder

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