Every book starts somewhere. In the case of the current volume, the starting point is easy to pinpoint: an e-mail from Fog Creek Software's Joel Spolsky, asking me if I'd be interested in putting together a book about FogBugz 4.0. After I leapt at (I mean, after I carefully considered and accepted) this proposal, Gary Cornell at Apress was instrumental in pulling together the contractual details necessary to make this book a reality.

Of course, a book about software can't be written without the software itself, and in this case it's easy to know who to thank for that: Joel and the rest of the Fog Creek staff. Special thanks to Michael Pryor, who spent a few maddening hours logged in to one of my computers remotely trying to figure out what I was doing to provoke a particularly obscure bug. Beyond that, the active FogBugz user community is to thank for many of the innovations in this version of FogBugz.

I'd like to thank Project Manager Beth Christmas, Copy Editor Ami Knox, and Production Editor Katie Stence for their hard work turning my manuscript into something actually resembling a book. And let's not forget the hard-working production crew: Compositor Susan Glinert, Proofreader Ellie Fountain, and Indexer Michael Brinkman.

Then there are the people outside of the actual book production process who still deserve huge thanks: my family. With this book, that's even more true than usual, as they were quite understanding about my tackling a new project with an intense schedule during the holiday season. Somehow I managed to take breaks to carve turkey and bake cookies, but it was a near thing. So thanks and much love to my dear wife, Dana, and our kids, Adam, Kayla, and Thomas. Next year I'll take more than a day off, honest.

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