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In starting a project, a project manager is chosen before forming a project team. Criteria for choosing a project manager are different according to each executive organization, but in general, according to the types of management and contract for the overall project including clients, scale of the project, and cooperative companies, the head of the executive organization selects a project manager in consideration of management capabilities such as client relationship, effective communications skills, negotiation skills, solution competency, stress resistance, determination, and leadership, as well as his experience in project management. Some organizations select only project managers who have the qualification.

The project manager is given authorities and is responsible for the result of project. In this regard, it is important for him to control a project by keeping a balance among customer satisfaction, cost, time and quality. If a project manager also works as an engineer in the project or is not given sufficient budget and rights of command that are needed to manage the project, he is not appropriate as a project manager even if so appointed.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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