Project and System

A system is a "conglomeration of various inter-related elements". A system, in this sense, does not exist naturally by itself, but may be considered a result of the finding, defining or creating relationships among elements, so that a system is created.

During the stages of project work process, the approach of considering various objective elements as parts of a system seems helpful. By taking services provided by project results and the products made in the project, then the project itself as a system, assignments and problems become clear and possibility of solution can be probed accurately.

The process in which taking project assignments as part of a system, writing them down, realizing systems relating one element to another, and verifying if the system is as expected is called "Systems Engineering". Further, activity in which looking at objective elements of a project in perspective, defining their interrelationship, and keeping the structure free of contradictions or waste as a whole system is called "Systems Management".

Also, one way of looking at a system is that the system is set up based on the relationship with its environment. An approach that involves clarifying realistically what should be identified as a"Structural Element" of a system, what is looked at as a relationship, and what should be categorized on the environmental side is called a"Systems Approach". Various systems approaches have been suggested but since one specific approach is never adequate for all cases, it is important to comprehend the characteristic of each, grasp the character of the assignment and employ a suitable approach. Table 4-3-2 shows the inter-relationship of Project Management and System, Systems Approach, Systems Engineering, Systems Management.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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