Process Domain

Each enterprise has its own processes and projects are implemented according to enterprises' own processes. However, whether processes are good or bad affects cost, delivery date, and quality of a project and constitutes a material element that determines whether the project succeeds or fails.

Individual companies have different processes even if they all belong to a certain industry. The reason for this is attributable to differences in corporate history, sense of values, vision, personnel structure, technology, skills, experiences, and corporate environment. There is no process that is best at all times. It is only better than other processes at that moment, and there is no guarantee that it continues to be better in future. This is because business environments of companies are constantly changing and personnel structure, techniques required, necessary skills, etc. also continue to change in line with business environments.

Therefore, to maintain a better process, the optimum process should be designed and built with understanding of business environments. A project domain consists of a project work process where deliverables of a project are identified and procedures for generating deliverables are logically pres ented, and a management process where deliverables lead to expected costs, delivery term, and qualities without confusion.

Figure 4-1-5: Results of Corporate Process and Expected Output
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