Matrix Organization

The matrix organization has characteristics of aforementioned functional and projectized organizations, and consists of various types according to authorities of the project manager and head of functional sectors and methods for their adjustment, such as sector-coordination, work sharing, and resource pool types.

Figure 4-4-4: Matrix Organization

The above-mentioned three types of organizations have the following advantages and disadvantages:

An optimum organization should be established in consideration of the project's features and nature.

• Advantages of the projectized organization (disadvantages of the matrix organization and functional organization)

(1) The chain of command is simple and clear.

(2) The flow of information is simple and clear.

(3) Prompt action and processing are possible for events.

(4) Priority of issues is easy to be decided in a single project.

(5) Confrontations between the project team and functional organizations are few as well as their adjustments.

• Advantage of the matrix organization (disadvantages of the projectized organization and functional organization)

(1) Necessary technologies and prompt action for supply of workforce in the process of accomplishing the project goal are more difficult than projectized organizations.

(2) Human resources can be effectively used.

(3) Information is likely to be used by other projects.

(4) Experts can be fostered and ensured effectively.

(5) When a project is finished, the return of project staff to the functional staff can be conducted efficiently.

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