Example Integrated Project Information System

An engineering company runs a system that supports in an integrated way the project management process and the execution process. Its objectives are as follows.

1) To realize engineering of high quality in a short delivery time.

2) To contribute to the plant total life cycle of the customer by utilizing the design data in electronic form as they are in the plant operation management, maintenance and security management of the customer.

3) To realize a concurrent engineering environment by means of the unified management of design information by putting it in electronic form, thereby coping with global operation.

4) By exploiting design tools at the time of the initial design, a study of feasibility and economy can be conducted in a short period of time with high accuracy, thereby expediting the customer's decision making on plant construction.

The integrated project information system to realize these is composed of the functions as given in Table 4-8-6. Namely, various type of design support, three-dimensional CAD integrated design, engineering database, material management, site management, document management (Electronic Document Management System = EDMS) and the project management are integrated, and engineering, procurement, construction and the project management work is jointly operated, thus demonstrating effects. As an office support function, groupware is employed.

Table 4-8-6: Example of Integrated Project Information System

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