Chaos Complex System and Project Management

In the world of computer simulations, in particular, it has been recognized that there is a problem that, even though the working of individual elements is definite and has regularity, unexpected results occur. For example, in a non-linear equation to forecast the weather, a minute change in the initial value gives an unexpected result. More amazingly, if all the results of a calculation are plotted on a screen, even the values are random, a form appears that has regularity as a whole. A problem having such a nature is called an issue of "chaos". The fluctuation in stock prices is also studied as one of the issues of chaos. It should be noted that in some issues of a project there exist elements that are similar to chaos, of which forecast or control is very hard to make.

In between this chaos and a system, there exists a problem. The state called an "edge of chaos" has a "self-organizing nature". For instance, in between the state of water and that of ice, a beautiful crystal is formed. Such an element or a collection of elements is called a "complex system". An organism is a complex system. For instance, the immune system of a human being consists of the working of various cells such as macrophages, and others, but it has no specific organ. Each element behaves on its own, and the overall working of it functions as immunity.

In a business or society, such a phenomenon can be observed as a very commonplace situation. A business or society is a collection of individuals that work in a self-sustaining way, and their cooperation has the business performed and social activities pursued. This led to the general recognition that an approach is required that has a viewpoint being different from the conventional one, for which some regard should also be shown. Of course, not much study has been done of the case in which the "complex system" is directly utilized for project management. But in such a case as handles social problems or business networks, it can be put to use for providing a clue when making an analysis.




Brainstorming method

Card BS method

Free association method

Brain-writing method

Shortcomings enumeration method/wishes enumeration method

Input output method

Diversion technique

Forced association method

Attribute listing method

Check list method

Matrix method

Morphological analysis method


Analogy method

Gordon method

NM method

Affinity graph method

Cross method

Convergence technique

Characteristics factor diagram

Storyboarding method

Card part method

Integration technique

Work design

High-bridge method

Table 4-3-5: Example of Problem Solving Technique

Table 4-3-5: Example of Problem Solving Technique

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