FSAEA Design Specification Sheet

FSAE-A Design Spec Sheet


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Car No



University of Southern Queensland

Di mansions



OverJ! Length. Width. Height

3200mni. 1485mm, 113Cmm






Weight with 68 kg driver (230kg total - to be confirmed)

126kg (To be confirmed)

154kg (To be confirmed)

Suspension Parameters



Suspension Type

Unequal length double wishbone

Equal length double wishbone

Tyne Size and Compound Type

185/S0R13 Falken

1S5/E0R13 Falken


13 x 6incn. 110mm offset.

13x6 inch 110mm offset.

Desigi ride height (chassis to ground)



Centsr of Gravity Design height

240 mm located 1400 mni from front of chassis (To be confirmed)

Suspension design travel

26mm Jounce / 26mm Rebound (To be

26mm Jounce / 26mm Rebornd (To be



Wheej rate

Roil nle

Sprung mass natural frequency (in vertical


Jounce Damping

Rebouid Damping

Motion ratio

Camber coefficient in bumD

Camber coefficient in roll

Static Toe and adjustment methcd

Adjust by steering rack tie rods.

Adjust by tie rods.

Static camber and adjustment method

Static-1 degree. Rodend adjustment ;n

Static,-1 deg^e. Rod end aqustment


on wishbones.

Front Caster and adjustment method

Static 5 degrees. Rodend adjustment on wishbones.

Front Kingpin Axis?-

5 degiees non-aujustaUe.

Kingpr offset and trail

36.25 mm offset. Omrntrail.

Omrn offset. Omm trail.

Static Akermar; and aqustment methcd

100^ Ackerman

Ami dve / Anti SquaL


Roll center position static

To be determined

To be deternined

Roll center position at 1g lateral acc.

To be determinsd

To be determined

Steeriig System location

Rear deer below and parallel to upper wishbone.






Modified rear FZR600 motorcycle 245rrrr:

Singel modified front FZR600 motorcycle 298mm ii-tj^er CylihdèF

Mëôjjjilcal bi;::- b'ar. "ii.i.dn 3/4 inch cyJirirdeçs airi- intend regerVftl


Fnc.:iL pjgon FZR6PQ rTjtjtoncycié

pfeon FgReOQ mptorcycte

Hub Beanngs

SKF LM67D4S/Q Angular Contact roller beanr ei

AR Telstar front wheel bearirg

FSAE-A Design Spec Sheet 2004

Uprigft Assembly

Studeri built mild steel with integral brAe calliper mount;

Student built mild steel

Axle type, sl^e, and maieria!

Solid 1050 mild Seel 31.75 mm diameter

Solid 1020 rrild steel 38mm dameter. 25mm ai CVioint scline


Driver Size Adjustments

Fixed seating position,adjustable steering wheel height aid adjustable pedai position

Seat (¡Tiaterials, paddirg)

Polyahylene base with customised padding to suit each driver

Driverys;b:!iiy (angle of side view, mirrors?)

20Udeg side visibility, minors placed on side of cockr;*. at front

Shift Actuator (type, location)

Left hand gear lever within close proxinity to steering wheel on LHS

Clutcn Actuator ijype, location)

Steertig column mounted lever on RHS upper quadrant

Instn/nent alien

Tachometer, water terrperalure guage, neutral light and oil pressure warring liglvt


Frame Construction

Steeltube spaceframe


31.75mm x S.lmm coH drawn steel tub? 550 ly^a Yield Strength

Joining method and maerial

TIG welded

Targets (Torsional Stiffness-or other)

Torsional stiffness and validation method

To be determined (\£li<feted through non destructive testing and Finite Sement Analysis:"

Bare frame weight with brackets and pant

IS kg (To be confirmed)

Crush zone materiai

2mm Folded aluminium sheet with foam tiller

Crush zone length

150 mm

Crush zone energy capacity

To be determined


Manufacture and Model

1993 Yamaha KZR6D0



Fuel Type

98 RON


Naturdiy Aspirated

Ivfex Power design RFM

11 000 rpm

Mtax Torque design RRJ

8 500 rpm

luin RPM for SO It max torque

6 700 ipm

EffsJive Intake Runner Length

75 mm

Effective Exhaust runner length

520 mm

Exhaust header design

2 into 1 by 2 (Turin exhaust system)

Fuel System (manf'r)

hfodified Mkuni oartouritor with student built log type intake manifold

Fuel System Sensors


Injector location


Intake Plenum volume

900 oc estimated (currently adjustable)

Compression ratio


Fuel F^essune

0.3 bs-

Ignition liming

Standard Ignition (non-adjustable)

CoolTt System and Radiator location

Radiaor and Heotnc fan on themioswibch Mounted in side pod on LH of main roll hoop 3 driver shoulder height.

Fuel Tank Location, Type

Student built aluminium tank mounted within chassis structure below drive axle.

Muff la-

Student built aluminium muffler with removable baffle. Length 2SCmm. Diameter 100mm.

Formula SA&Australasia

Formula SA&Australasia

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