What Is Lean Performance

Lean Performance is a management strategy that recognizes and leverages the fundamental strengths of any business: the people and processes. The goal of Lean Performance is to produce lean processes by determining value-added process tasks and then define the use of a vendor-supported unmodified software as the process enabler.

In the Lean Performance methodology, management policy deployment aligns lean policies and strategies with the decision and action processes that execute tasks, including those enabled by information technology. Lean policies and strategies about mission, markets, products, and services are deployed to a process level in the Lean Performance methodology. These decision and action processes include all organizational processes in company process areas and activity processes at a task level. Where information technology is involved as the process enabler, at a task or group of tasks, these transactional processes at the data level are also improved.

Lean Performance is a synthesis of the three dominant business improvement methodologies being utilized by business consultancies today:

1. Business process reengineering

2. System innovation

3. Lean

Lean Performance is a business process improvement methodology in that it utilizes the best techniques of business process reengineering to identify and implement lean business strategies to identify enterprise process architecture. Lean Performance is also a system innovation methodology in that it provides an IT project management workplan and toolkit with the task list necessary to implement IT projects. Lean Performance is, finally, a lean methodology that develops Lean Performance teams



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