EU AC of operation - - ( 5,100 (P/F.20, 1) + 6,900 (P/P^O, 2) +3,700 (M» 20,3) + lO.SOO OP/T>20,4) + 12,300 (P/F.20, 5] (A/P. 20, 5) - -3,053 EU AB of resile - 0,000 (A/F,20, 4) - 0000

The EUAC plot is shown and the economic life is three years.


The above example demonstrates that if we continuously replace the system every three years, the financial effect is $13,579 per year. If we continuously replace the system for two or four years, the equivalent annual cost would be $13,608 and $13,788, respectively. Therefore, it is obvious that our best course of action is to replace the system with exactly the same system every three years.

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