The yearly net before tax income (IBT) of a project is shown in the second column of the following table. Tax is assumed to be 30% of the IBT. Calculate the before- and after-tax NPW of the project. Table 8.1 shows the resultant income after tax (IAT).

Table 8.1

2 - 30,000 - 10,000 - 30,000 - (- 10,000) = -20,000

Before-tax cash flow:

NPW m 100,000 (P/F, 1(1,1) - 30,000 (P/F, 10,2)+ 200,000 (P/F, 10,3) = 2l6,3?S Cash flow after tax:

NPW - 70,000 (P/F, 10,1) - -20,000 (P/F, IQ,2) + 140,000 (P/F, 10,3) = 152,291

In a similar manner, an after-tax NFW, ROR, and EUAW can be calculated. We could also use the spreadsheet and obtain the same result.

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