Typical Project Master Schedule

This basic schedule is generally the master plan for the project. Schedulers should ensure that this is a quality document and that the activities represent the critical and subcritical paths.

Figure 3-30 illustrates a recommended format. It should be noted that this is not the typical format currently in industry use. In fact, it is quite revolutionary. Most companies use a barchart that displays milestone activities against a calendar timeframe for engineering, procurement and construction. Logical relationships and critical restraints are not shown. As such, the critical path and critical activities cannot be determined. This is the major drawback of the barchart as an effective overall scheduling method.

Figure 3-30, on the other hand, shows logic sequences and restraints against a calendar timeframe. To accomplish this, the "overlaps" of individual activity durations have been cut off so that the relationship to the next activity is a direct and clear one.

This technique requires considerable experience and significant historical data to develop the relationships of partial activities to partial activities. This requirement, then, is both the strength and weakness of this new technique. The lack of skills and historical data are the main reasons why this technique is not widely used.

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