Typical Forms of Contract Used in the United Kingdom and the United States

United Kinedom a. Institute of Civil Engineers — ICE — mainly for civil and construc— tion—only contracts b. Federation Internationale des Ingenieurs-Conseils—FIDIC—primarily for offshore and overseas work c. Institute of Mechanical Engineers—IMech E — primarily for design and erection of mechanical plant

United States a. American Institute of Architects (AIA) mainly for engineering work and project/construction management; the A/E usually functions as the owner's "agent" on a fee/reimbursable basis b. The Associated General Contractors of America (AGO mainlv for construction work and construction management; the contractor usually functions as an "independent contractor" on a lump sum/fixed price basis c. The EJCDC forms of contract documents (issued jointly by the NSPE, ACEC. ASCE, and CSI and approved by the AGC), are often used by many engineering firms. In addition, it is becoming more prevalent for an owner to develop a form of contract that is specifically customized to fit its particular needs. Similarly, an engineering/construction contractor may develop its own forms of contract for use on projects in which it acts as the construction/project manager for the owner. There are at least two basic options: (1) use one of the "standard" contracts and customize it to fit a particular project, or (2) use the "boiler plate" or "front-ends" developed by the engineerl contractor for use on projects in which it is responsible for preparing the bidding documents and where the owner does not have its own.

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