The Manager As A Role Model

Development and implementation of the leadership/quality processes and tools require significant support and initiative from managers at all levels of the company. The role of the manager includes activities. such as a teacher and leader, to establish work processes in the work group that are commensurate with the principles and guidelines of "leadership through quality performance." Managers are expected to do the following:

• Provide consistency, clarity, and continuity of purpose for the organization based on meeting customer requirements and project objectives for his or her group

Seek ever more creative ways for involving people in solving the problems they face in pursuit of their goals

. Ensure that the processes and solutions being implemented are cost effective

. Be responsible for continually improving the system in which subordinates perform their tasks

■ Ensure that employees within the organization diligently practice the quality performance and leadership processes, monitor their efforts, make suggestions, help in the implementation, and evaluate improvement.

• Ensure that subordinates receive training and reinforcement in quality methods and procedures to monitor the performance of their activities

. Act as a role model in these same skills by learning and using them.

The manager is required to develop skills and practices to coach and facilitate the process. He or she will set standards that fully meet quality performance and support their employees' team activities to solve problems and help improve the system. It is important for the manager to learn the required processes, use the processes, teach by example and by direct involvement, and inspect the use of the process.

The "'New Culture" — Summary

Effectively carried out, the new company culture can result in the following:

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• We succeed through satisfied customers.

• We value our employees.

• We aspire to deliver excellence in all we do.

• We require a cost effective program.

■ We use the latest methods and procedures.

. We behave responsibly as a company citizen.

Company Priorities

. Meeting and beating project objectives.

• High customer satisfaction.

• Improved company profitability.

• Increased market share/company reputation.

• Developing highly skilled personnel.

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