SDSI Estimating System and the Richardson Data Base is

available from SDSI Business Systems, 9528 Miramar Road, Suite 129, San Diego, CA 92126, (619) 452-5123.

Civil ■ Sitework Metals Specialties

• Structural


Unit Price Cost Files available from R.S. Means Co., 100 Construction Plaza, Kingston, MA 02364. Unit Price Cost Files can be used only in conjunction with Lotus 1-2-3. R.S. Mean's software programs, Astro, Galaxy and Pulsar, are now available from Software Shop Systems (800)-354-6192.

Bid Master available from Estimation, Inc., 805L Barkwood Court, P.O. Box 488, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090, 1-800-2357078.

This computer software system allows estimators to do material takeoff for electrical, mechanical, HVAC systems utilizing a count probe and estimating keyboard. The length probe is used to trace the length of linear area for calculating length of ductwork, pipe, etc., on a blue print. Each item is then factored for material, labor prices and byproducts. As an alternate to estimating keyboard and probes, system can be used with a sonic digitizer. All measurements can be taken off with a stylus and touchpad without touching the keyboard.

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