Project Staffing

Once the key dates have been established, the overall staffing can be determined. The number of manhours is estimated based on the design basis and scope of work. Depending on the number of weeks allowed to complete a project will determine the number of engineers/ designers and draftsmen required. The obvious problem in staffing is how to keep the staff as small as possible to minimize overhead yet meet the demands of the overall schedule. Staffing options include:

1. Working overtime

2. Hiring job shoppers

3. Increasing permanent staff

4. Utilizing computer-aided design systems which reduce drafting and designer hours.

The staffing requirements may influence the final schedule. For example, if a project is cost-plus the client may not want to authorize working overtime or using job shoppers since they are paid premium salaries. Thus, staffing and scheduling need to be analyzed together.

Construction staffing is discussed in Chapter 3.

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