Project Management Microcomputer Software

PROGRAM CAPABILITIES Tasks. Activities par project; Milestones par project; Resource tracking- number per project; number per task: Partial r a source allocation available; Network formal; Time base.

Unlimited. Unlimited; Unlimited, Unlimited. Vas; Activity-on-node. Variable 3000.99; 100; 20;Yea: Activlty-otvArrow. Activity-or-node; Variable

5000; 5000; Unlimited; Unlimited; No: ActiviTy-on-node; Days, Weeks, Months.

1500-2500; 16002500: 29; 10; —: Aclivlty-on- arrow; Activity-on-node; Variable


Make at computer-RAM; Graphics card; Color monitor; Disk drivea; Operating system. Program language; la program source code available?

IBM PC/XT/AT or compatible-192K; MS'PC-DOS Compiled Basic; no.

IBM PC/XT i AT or eompatible-25BK, Wang PC. Tandy-26SK; 1 disk driva or hard drive; MS I PC-DOS (2.0 or later). UNIX Qaalc: no.

IBM PC/XT'AT or compatible-512K, Wang PC-512K. 2 disk drives; MS/PC-DOS. Pascal; no.

IBM PC/XT 'AT, AT a T. DEC, Fortune. Gould, Honeywell. HP. Intel. NCR. Plains, Pyramid Spew. Sun 3. »log. Concurrent Computer Corp.] Convergent Tech.; MS-DOS, UNIX Fortran 77; —

IBM PC/XT/AT or compatible-J66K. Wang PC. Zenith Z100, Alios. Sun. Tandy, Piexus-25t!K; 2 disk drives. MS/PC-DOS <2 0 or later). UHX VAX VMS. C: (10

BM PC/XT/AT or compalible-266K. HP I60-256K, Wang-26eK. DEC Rainbow 100-2SBK; MS/PC-DOS (2.0 or later], Basic; no.


List price; Dale Introduced; Copy protected; Units sold to dare.

£596.00-£695 00: 1903; no; 10,000+. £695.00-£895.00; 1990: no, 16,000

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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