Project Management Microcomputer Software

PROGRAM capabilities Tasks Activities per project;

Hllmilnnitti per prnlArl: Resource tracking- number per project; number per task; Partial resource allocation available; Network formal; Time base.

computer system requirements

OTHER INFORMATION Liât price; Date Introduced; Copy protected; Units sold to data.


Service Number

Make ol computer-RAM; Graphics card; Color monitor; Disk drives; Operating system. Program language; la program source code available?

250+; —; 100; 20; —; Activily-on-nDda; Variable.

Unlimited; Unlimited; Unlimited. 12; Yes: Actlvdy-on-node; Variable.

IBM PC/XT/AT or compaiibie-25eK, Graphics card; 2 disk drive of hard disk; MS.'PC-DOS (2.0 or later). Turbo Pascal

IBM PC/XT/AT or compaHble-25SK, IBM 3270 PC/AT; Color monitor 2 disk drives or hard disk; PC-DOS (2.x or 3.X) Modula-2: no.

S300.00: 1988; no; —. $«95.00. 1984: no; 40,000.


Unlimited; Optional. Unlimited. Unlimited; Yes; Finish-to-finish: Hours. Days

IBM PC/XT/AT « compatible 320K; 2 disk drives or hard disk; MS/PC-DOS (2.0 or later) Third Party C: no

IBM PC/XT/AT or compatible 320K: Graphics card; 2 disk drives or hard disk: PC-DOS (2 1 or later) Basic; no.

$495.00; 1986; no; —. $495.00; 1983: yes; 2000


UnSmiled; Unlimited; Unlimited; —; Ves; Activity-on arrow. Activity-on-node; Variable

UnlimiloO; Unlimited; Unlimited; —, Yos. Activity-on-arrow. Activity -on-node; Variable.

IBM PC/XT/AT or compatible: One dtak drive; MS/PC-DOS Micro Gantl takes MPEHT 8 Micro DOO.

CP/M-80 64K; Compiled Basic.

$395 00; —; no; thousands. $298.00; —; no; thousands.


Deacription-on-node; Days. Weeks. 500. 500; 26: 20; Yes; Activity orv arrow:

Description-or-node; Days. Weeks.

IBM PC/XT'AT or compatible- I28K. HP 150- I28K: THS II. 16-64K; 1 disk drive MS/PC-DOS MBasic, yes

Macintosh-it 12K: 2 disk chives; Apple Finder. Pascal: -Macintosh-128K. 2 disk drives: Apple Finder; Pascal; -

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