Personal Performanceorganizational Interface

In addition to a quality program and advanced skills, the organizational structure surrounding the execution of projects can have a major influence. It is recognized that a combination of skills/experience in the following key areas is essential for effective project execution, particularly of major plant retrofits and shutdowns:

• Operations

• Maintenance

• Project Engineering

Lack of departmental cohesion and cooperation within the above three areas is commonplace in many companies. In such cases, it has been found that cost overruns and schedule slippages are often the result. Most operations and maintenance personnel have few project management skills and yet many companies allocate the primary project management responsibility to these personnel. In addition, lack of project management training and lack of cohesion of the plant matrix organization are commonplace. It is vital that the skills and organizational interfaces of these three departments be "captured" for the execution of projects. The combining of these skills and the reduc-of the matrix interfaces will directly result in lower project costs.

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