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As it takes time to develop personnel with skills/experience of operations, maintenance and project engineering, an organizational approach can be an alternative. This approach focuses on the lack of cohesion and problems of the plant/company matrix organization and attempts to create a condition of project consciousness. This condition requires the operations and maintenance groups to recognize, understand and commit to the project objectives and commit to the effective execution of projects. This is no small task; senior management must also demonstrate that they are dedicated to project consciousness. In return, the project managerlshut-down coordinator must always be sensi-

tive to the relationship and needs of the operations and maintenance groups. Departmental rivalries and organizational conflicts within the matrix organization must be eliminated and/or reduced. If the projects are sufficiently large to work with a project team/task force, it is recommended that operations and maintenance personnel be assigned to the project team. This can greatly increase the cohesion and cooperation of the two departments to the project functions. The result of a quality project management program is the reduction of project costs and a significant savings in the company investment program.


At the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA), the major theme was expressed by the keynote speaker, Prudential's chief executive Brian Cosby, as follows: "Technical proficiency alone is now unlikely to be sufficient for effective performance." Mr. Cosby further emphasized that his company has identified the following key attributes as essential for the project management function:

• Communication

• Motivation

• Personal Qualities

• Interpersonal skills

• Decision-making

• Management

Another conclusion reached was that "only ongoing company training can develop these basic attributes into competent skills." Quality training will, therefore, be a major consideration for the 1990's.


Recent studies conclude that the downsizing and personnel reduction programs of the past ten years have greatly changed environment to be attracted. If treated casually, they will respond casually. Management should consider further training, provide some status and privileges, and pay for holidays and sick leave.

The Three Groups — Conclusions

The most difficult of policy-making will be the activities and composition of the core. Company organizations will be smaller, more intense, and younger. The company culture or esprit de corps will be of paramount importance. It will be difficult for older personnel to stand the pace and remain technologically up-to-date. There will be no room for incompetence and "passengers" in the developing core.

This will lead to the need for greater sensitivity at core entry and greater competition to obtain quality core workers.

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