Engineering Change

An engineering change log would cover all changes from the original scope, including changes to specifications, requisitions, and drawings. All changes, including owner scope changes, should be numerically recorded and a report issued to design groups and the owner. Cost estimates should be made of these changes and included in the trend report.

Due to the broad base of a conceptual estimate, it is not always possible to identify all items as changes. When in doubt, enter the item, as subsequent evaluation will confirm or delete the item.

The major objective of the engineering change log is to track the developing design and costs against the design basis and cost of the conceptual estimate. The objective is not to highlight deficiencies in order to lay blame on the designer, estimator, or owner.

It is recommended that the engineering change log not be used as a device to turn all changes into owner change orders. Some changes can, of course, affect the contractor fee and profit margin.

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