Cost Estimating References

A variety of publications and computer software is available to aid in cost estimating. This list is not complete but simply serves as a sample of what is available. Since the material presented is updated periodically, the user should contact the publisher for latest prices and editions.

Building Construction Cost Data 1993, Annual Editions, $74.95, available from R.S. Means Co., Inc., 100 Construction Plaza, Kingston, MA 02364, (617) 585-7880. Features of this reference include:

• New materials, fixtures, hardware, and equipment items included in each section.

• All items updated to reflect latest costs and construction techniques.

• Hourly and daily wage rates for installation crews with crew sizes, equipment, and average daily crew output.

• City cost adjustment factors for material and labor costs in 19 categories for each of 162 major U.S. and Canadian metro areas.

• Square foot and cubic foot cost section showing range and median costs for common building types with plumbing, HVAC, and electrical percentages tabulated separately.

• Special cost advantages such as owned equipment, low-cost materials purchases, and low overhead, can be identified and computed separately.

• Over 18 index pages for quick item location and cross-reference.

• Helpful examples, instructions, illustrations, and explanations of how costs were computed.

National Mechanical Estimator, by Victor Ottaviano, $90.00, available from The Fairmont Press, 700 Indian Trail, Lilburn. GA 30247: This 780-page comprehensive source reference for estimators provides accurate manhour figures, effective estimating techniques, and essential statistics on the impact of new technologies. This latest edition contains an expanded sheetmetal section, piping section, and new sections on heating and air conditioning equipment and on computers. Included are new budget prices, the latest sheetmetal programs, the most popular accounting packages, the latest nationwide productivity figures, new SMACNA gauges, 16 of the most common fittings, new industrial ductwork.

Richardson Rapid Estimating Systems, Annual Editions. Available from Richardson Engineering Services, Inc., 909 Rancheros Drive, P.O. Box 1055, San Marcos, CA 92069. The three-volume, 2,400-page set and is used primarily for commercial and industrial projects and covers:

Electrical • Masonry Finishes

Process Plant Construction Estimating Standards, $387.00 per set. The four-volume, 4,000-page set, the Richardson Rapid Estimating System for PROCESS PLANT CONSTRUCTION offers complete and current standards for Chemical Plants, Manufacturing Facilities, Solids Processing, Water Treatment Plants, General Construction Projects and Buildings.

General Construction Standards set contains illustrations, a keyword alphabetical index of the total contents, and is updated quarterly; quick access to the current information.

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