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'A revolution is taking place in project management. As recently as a few years ago, computerized project management was still in the domain of the mainframe. But now there are very powerful, yet relatively inexpensive project management software programs that run on the microcomputer. At latest count there are more than a hundred of these programs, and most are available for less than $1,000.

The availability of these programs has moved full-scale computerized project management out of the domain of the mainframe and into the hands of the project manager. This represents a major shift in management and control. The microcomputer and project management software give the project manager direct access to powerful project management tools, which means accurate and timely status reports, rapid recalculation of project schedules and powerful resource and cost-tracking capabilities.

In this chapter are included the results2 of a software survey mailed to 150 companies. The fifty-five companies that responded include most industry levels. The products are listed according to price range.

With the software field in constant change, please contact the companies you are interested in for latest prices and options available. For Directory of Software Buyers' Guide, please refer to Table 4-1.

The project management software market is booming. Future Computing Inc. estimates it will grow by 77% in 1986. This would make project management software the second fastest growing software application, second only to communications. Actual sales of project management software programs are predicted by Future Computing to almost double this year for a total of $85 million.

In comparing the features of the various programs there are many ways to assess a program's capabilities. Generally, the program's value might be based upon how well it helps you manage the three phases of a project-planning, schduling and control.

Reprinted from Industrial Engineering Magazine, January 1986.

Reprinted from Industrial Engineering Magazine, January 1987. Copyright Institute of Industrial Engineers, 25 Technology Park/Atlanta, Norcross, Georgia 30092.

Most of the less expensive programs are able to handle only the scheduling aspect of project management. The real difference between the low-end, inexpensive programs and full-powered project management programs is how well they perform in these five areas:

• Project planning.

• Resource management.

• Tracking actual versus planned progress.

• Producing key reports.

• Ease of use/power and sophistication.

By looking at the capabilities of a program in each of these five areas, you can quickly determine if the program will meet your project management requirements.

The first step in finding the right program, however, is to take a long, hard look at just what your requirements are. The more clearly you have in mind what your needs are, the easier it will be to find the right software. The points that follow highlight several features you might want to consider.

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