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The Alliance to Save Energy, 1925 K Street, NW, Suite 206, Washington, DC 20006, has recently introduced an investment analysis software package, ENVEST, which costs only $55.00 and includes a 170-page user manual and 30 days of telephone support. The program can be run on an IBM PC, PCXT, PCAT with 256K ram. The program enables the user to:

• Generate spreadsheets and graphs showing the yearly cash flows from any energy-related investment.

• Compute payback, internal rate of return, and other important investment measures.

• Experiment with differing energy price projections.

• Perform sensitivity analysis on key assumptions.

• Compare alternative financing options, including loans, leases, and shared savings.

• Store data on over 100 energy efficiency investments.

The user is able to determine the impact of different energy price projections on the investment merits.

Another relatively low-cost software program package which can be used for operating cost analysis is available from Carrier, E20-11. The complete software package also includes operating cost analysis, commercial load estimating, residential load estimating, duct design, equipment selection, heat pump comparison program, piping data and rooftop packaged and chiller equipment selections. These programs are licensed for one year at $985 with a nominal maintenance fee for each additional year. The programs are capable of running on the Tandy 1200, 2000, Radio Shack 3, 4 and 4P computers and on the IBM PC, XT and AT series of microcomputers. A recent addition to the E20 package at no additional cost is the Hourly Analysis Program. This program includes weather data for 284 U.S.cities, 40 Canadian cities and 50 international cities.

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