Assigning Team Members

The project manager needs to have a keen understanding of the project's objectives in order to make sure the right organization

Figure 2-1. The Department Organization

Figure 2-2. The Task Force Organization

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Figure 2-2. The Task Force Organization


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structure is chosen. In addition, a particular project may require stronger expertise in one area. For example, the constmction of a chemical process plant would need a different team make-up than the construction of a cogeneration facility. The project manager must make sure that he works with the departmental managers to get the best possible individual assigned. Major revamps, shutdowns, and turnarounds will generally require the highest quality of personnel.

It is also essential to have a representative from the constmction and cost department on the engineering team. Constructability, access, lighting requirements and difficult site conditions must be taken into account at the beginning of the design engineering portion of the project. Impacts of design changes on the project cost must also be carefully monitored.

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