Appendix A Sample Schedules

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This appendix includes schedules based on actual engineering and construction of various facilities. Included are the following:

Schedule of an Energy Cost Reduction Project A-2 Schedule of a Solid Waste to Energy Facility A-3 Schedule of a Simple Cycle Combustion Turbine Cogenera-tion Project

A-l Project Schedule for an Energy Cost Reduction Facility

Based upon the information provided to engineering/construc-firms regarding execution approach and preliminary assessment of the size and duration of thirteen (13) months from receipt of "Authorization to Proceed" to "Commercial Operation" was prepared. The Proposed Project Schedule is included herein.

Engineering and design effort indicated on this document is estimated to require a duration of six (6) months from "Authorization to Proceed." Four (4) months have been allotted for the "Pie-Construction Phase - Part A" and nine (9) months have been allotted for the "Construction Phase -Part B" from award of the first subcontract to "Commercial Operation."

The schedule has been prepared based upon the following assumptions:

• The use of multiple subcontract construction labor to expedite the flow of work and optimize the schedule duration.

• Client will provide timely reviews of and approvals of specifications, bid tabulations and engineering and design drawings.

• Existing plant documents, drawings and calculations are assumed to be available and will be provided in a timely fashion to support engineering and construction requirements.

• Vendor information for equipment purchased by client will be available to support design.

• Equipment deliveries for equipment purchased by client will be satisfactory to the construction schedule proposed.

• Material and equipment deliveries are based upon present market conditions which are assumed to prevail for the duration of the project.

• Interfaces with existing plant systems can be accomplished within the allocated time periods.

• All permits required to start construction will be obtained by client and will not delay the start of construction as planned.

• Access to the construction site will not be inhibited during the period of construction.

At this time, the overall schedule duration presented seems to be achievable. However, a re-evaluation will be made towards the conclusion of the " Pre-Construction Phase ■ Part A" when more technical, quantity and tie-in information is available. This document will be reviewed, expanded and optimized immediately after the project is authorized and kickoff meetings are held.

A-2 Facility Milestone Schedule for a Solid Waste to Energy Facility


Months from Notice To Proceed

1. Initial Design Review

2. Completion of Specifications and Construction Drawings

3. Final Design Review and Modifications

4. Complete Major Equipment Procurement

5. Completion of Site Preparation

6. Completion of Piling

7. Completion of Foundations

8. Completion of Superstructure

9. Completion of Equipment Installations (Excl. Boilers, Air Pollution Control, Scale and Residue Handing)

10. Completion of Construction

11. Completion of Start-Up

17 20V4

11. Completion of Start-Up

17 20V4


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