Y mX b

where X and Yare random variables and m and b are constants. This simple transformation converts the distribution of X into some other distribution of Y. Because this particular function is linear, we would expect a preservation in the form of the distribution. Another example is the so-called square-law detector device that modifies the input variable X into an output variable Y by means of the relationship

Just as X is processed, so is the distribution of X through this particular square-law transformation. In this case, we would expect the form of the distribution to be modified because this is a nonlinear relationship.

From a systems engineering perspective, one of the values of understanding the transformation of random variables is to track how such a variable behaves as it is processed through some type of system. It has special relevance, as well, to transformations from one coordinate system to another, for example, going from rectangular to polar coordinates. This issue is discussed in somewhat greater detail in the next section.

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