The Weight of a Spacecraft and Its Subsystems

The weight of an overall spacecraft (communications, weather, surveillance satellites) is constrained by the launch vehicle that places such a satellite in orbit. The requirements specification therefore usually will identify the total maximum weight for the satellite. The systems engineering team must therefore derive from this top-level requirement a series of derived weight requirements for each of the subsystems making up the total satellite. Such subsystems, for example, might include:

• The satellite structure

• The stabilization and control subsystem

• The telemetry and data handling subsystem

• The thermal control subsystem

• The power supply subsystem

• The satellite payload subsystem

In turn, each of these subsystems might be examined to see if new derived weight requirements have to be determined. As an example, suppose the satellite payload subsystem consists of five remote measurement instruments, as in a weather satellite. It would be typical then to derive a weight requirement (maximum weight permissible) for each of the five instruments. In this general manner, requirements are derived from the original requirement and then allocated to the subsystems of a given system.

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