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One might argue that requiring the PM and the CSE to be leaders, in the previous context, is somewhat of a stretch. However, the PM and the CSE are de facto leaders of their respective project teams. They may function well or they may function poorly in these capacities. The objective is to try to grow so that they can become leaders in the full sense of the word. This requires an understanding of what leadership means and a clear and determined receptivity to leadership ways of being and behaving. An abstraction of leadership attributes in terms of the Project Manager and Chief Systems Engineer perspectives is cited Exhibit 5.5, using the notion and mnemonic of remaining receptive to what it might take in terms of changes in behavior and ways of interacting that require close examination.

Exhibit 5.5: A Leadership Mnemonic for the PM and CSE

R: Results and process-oriented E: Encourages positive change C: Communicates E: Empathizes and trusts P: People developer T: Team builder I: Integrates and synthesizes V: Visionary

E: Exhibits a can-do attitude

Keeping the attributes of a true leader in focus at all times gives the PM and the CSE opportunities to grow from simply being a manager into becoming a leader. This goal is within the grasp of the receptive person who can embrace and deal with internal and external change and growth processes.

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