The Importance Of Domain Knowledge In Systems Engineering

We complete this chapter with a brief note on the matter of domain knowledge and its relationship to systems engineering. Domain knowledge involves an understanding of the technical domain of the system that is being developed, examples of which include:

• An on-line transaction processing (OLTP) information system

• A rapid-transit system

• An air defense radar system

• A missile system

• A supercomputer

• An automobile

• A chemical processing plant

• A nuclear power plant

Effective design and construction of any system involves both an effective systems engineering process and a deep understanding of the domain knowledge implicit in the system. Transit system engineers are not likely to have the domain knowledge associated with building a new aircraft, and vice versa. Nuclear engineers may not understand the intricacies of developing information systems and their software elements. The best systems engineers have both the systems engineering and the domain-knowledge expertise. It is not really possible to function with excellence as a systems engineer on a given program without having the appropriate domain-knowledge understanding. This does not mean that such a person cannot make an important contribution. However, he or she may lack a depth of understanding of the domain and its related science and technology. Accordingly, it is a good idea for a person with a basic understanding of systems engineering, who is to move on to the field of radar systems, for example, to be immersed in the rather complex world of radars and their underlying technologies. This notion applies as well to all technical disciplines and their related domain-knowledge bases.

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