Team Building And Team Interactions


This chapter deals principally with issues surrounding team building and interactions between team members. The most natural area of focus is the project team as a whole and the Project Manager (PM) as the head of that team. In point of fact, however, there are actually several teams within the context of a project team. The Chief Systems Engineer (CSE) has the engineering group as his or her team. That group is usually broken down into subgroups (see Figure 1.2), so that there may also be a hardware engineering team and a software engineering team, and so on. If the project is large enough, the Project Controller (PC) is likely to have a team of people working on project measurement and control matters.

A variety of other activities that are often carried out within a team context are considered in this chapter, as depicted in Figure 6.1. Included are the activities of holding meetings and making presentations. These are forums for both internal and external communications and doing them correctly enhances overall project operation. In addition, and possibly inevitably, team members will come into conflict with either one another or the team leader. Thus, we also deal with the matter of conflict resolution and management in this chapter. In today's world, writing proposals to potential customers is a critical part of an enterprise and is almost always carried out by teams. Some ground rules for this important activity are presented and explored. Finally, the chapter is completed with a brief discussion of some practical ways to motivate and create incentives for members of a project team.

Figure 6.1. Team building and areas of interaction.

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