Systems Engineering Management

This last element covers all the management activities that must be considered by the CSE and lead systems engineering managers. As such, it includes the four basic functions of the project manager, namely, planning, organizing,


directing, and monitoring. These are applied to the previous twenty-nine elements of systems engineering. In this sense, it is explicitly recognized that the CSE has management responsibilities that are to be executed in the context of all the elements of systems engineering. Thus, in addition to being the chief technical person on a project, the CSE must have excellent skills in the fine art of management. Several specific areas of interest have been established and presented in some detail in Part II (Chapters 3 through 6). A further listing of problem areas with respect to systems engineering management is provided below in Exhibit 7.4.

Exhibit 7.4: Selected Problem Areas Within the Element of Systems Engineering Management

1. Requirements unclear, incorrect, and/or creeping

2. Unrealistic schedule/cost constraints

3. Risks and their mitigation not seriously considered

4. Newly formed design/development team

5. Little project status monitoring

6. No well-defined design/development process

7. Poor system decomposition and work assignments

8. Alternative architectures not considered

9. Ineffective performance measurement

10. Inadequate communications skills

11. Late staffing and insufficient skill levels

12. Inadequate reserves and incentives

The reader is encouraged to compare the above issues with experiences that he or she may have had in developing systems.

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