System Reliability

The discussion in Section 11.7 developed the exponential distribution as most directly applicable to the matter of component and system reliability. In this section, we further elaborate on a few reliability calculations. We define the hazard function for a system or component as h(t) = T—b (11.32)

If the distribution in question is exponential, then h(t) = X exp(- X/) = X (11.33)

which is therefore a constant hazard or failure rate. Under these conditions, the system or component has no ''memory'' and, technically, does not wear out. For most types of purely electronic equipment, this is a good approximation. For mechanical equipment, this is usually a poor model and should not be used. Instead, the Weibull distribution is a better choice.

For the exponential, then, the probability of failure-free operation to time t is

where R(t) is the reliability and X is the constant failure rate, which, in turn, is equal to 1/MTBF.

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