This final chapter has provided some insight into integrative management whereby project management and systems engineering management are brought together into a harmonious and mutually supportive framework. The major contributors to integrative management are summarized in Figure 13.1.

Our final summary is a set of some dozen suggestions as to how to achieve integrative management. In particular, one should attempt to ensure that:



- Project manager h Chief systems engineer

- Project controller


- Project teams

- Crossfunctional/ multifunctional

- Multidisciplinary


■ Systems engineering management plan

■ Software development plan

Systems approach

- Systems engineering elements

- Integration

- Interface control

- Concurrent engineering

Methods & standards


- Structured analysis

- Capability maturity



Information system

- Internet


- Top management h The learning organization

- Customers

- Community

Figure 13.1. Contributors to integrative management.

1. Managers have and exhibit appropriate integration and synthesis skills.

2. There is effective communications at all levels.

3. Divisive behavior is not tolerated.

4. Integrated teams are established and listened to.

5. Plans are coherent, informative, updated, and widely disseminated.

6. The systems approach is encouraged and used.

7. Appropriate methods and standards are employed.

8. Internal and external information systems are up to date and in good operating condition.

9. The enterprise adopts the principles and practices of a ''learning organization.''

10. Strong customer contact, dialogue, and commitment is maintained.

11. The enterprise is connected to the community at large.

12. Top management actively supports all of the preceding.

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