Specific Examples of Requirements Statements

A series of specific requirements statements drawn from various government programs follows:

• The contractor shall allocate the Earth Observing System Data and Operations System (EDOS) Requirements identified in the functional and performance specification and shall identify the methods and procedures necessary for verifying compliance with these requirements.

• EDOS shall provide the capability to support a processing rate of at least 50% above the average aggregate throughput rate for nonreal-time data.

• The Payload Data Services System (PDSS) shall:

— Transmit up to eight real-time and eight nonreal-time data streams concurrently

— Have an availability of greater than or equal to 0.95

— Support a real-time S-band input rate of 192 kbps

• I-CASE shall have the capability to create or support

— 100 databases

— 2000 tables per database

— Tables with 250 columns and one billion rows

— Columns with 250 characters

— At least 100 indexes per table

• Identify existing systems that have requirements similar to an Automated Highway System (AHS) in terms of public interaction, safety, reliability, and complexity; analyze these systems to derive ''lessons learned'' in their implementation that could be appropriate to AHS development

• The system performance boundaries are as follows:

— Customer Data and Operations System (CDOS) shall protect all data to achieve a BER (bit error rate) of 10 E-12

— The maximum interruption of data delivery services shall be ten seconds or less

— Reinitialization of data delivery services shall require no more than two minutes

— The processor utilization for CDOS shall not exceed 50%

— The memory and storage utilization for CDOS shall not exceed 75%

• The EOSDIS ground system shall have an operational availability of 0.992 with an MTBF (mean time between failures) of 500 hours and an MDT (mean down time) of 4 hours

• Catalyst shall support the calculation of evaluation measures of merit for the alternatives through ranking, weighting, hierarchical weighting, and probabilistic weighting

• Catalyst shall automate generic systems engineering functions that are adaptable to the way an organization does business

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