REVIC is an extension of COCOMO that has been developed in a software package by Raymond Kile [10.17]. It is structured around the basic CO-COMO notions and extends them by considering variables that had not been previously incorporated into the COCOMO model. Such variables include programmer capability, applications experience, programmer language experience, requirements volatility, database size, use of software tools, management reserve for risk, and others. The software requests low, most probable, and high line of code input estimates for each code module. It is claimed that better answers are obtained with smaller modules. For each module, inputs are also requested with respect to modifications of the design and the code. Outputs are displayed regarding effort required (person-months), schedule (months), numbers of people, productivity (lines of code per person-month), and costs. By virtue of the three estimates for the input lines of code, a standard deviation is also computed and shown. REVIC is a very useful software package with a great deal of utility for the software developer.

The Air Force has made REVIC available to the software community and has encouraged additions and expanded applications. Software disks for REVIC can be obtained through the Air Force's Software Technology Support Center (STSC) [10.18]. The STSC also provides a variety of documents that describe the tools that can be used to support the software development process (see also Chapter 12).

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