Requirements Analysis and Allocation

Requirements analysis and allocation is a set of activities that review an existing set of requirements, derive new requirements, and then allocate these requirements to the functional elements of the system. In the latter sense, the allocation process cannot occur without the next element in the systems engineering process, namely, the full definition of functions and subfunctions.

Although this element of systems engineering is covered in detail in the next chapter, we cite here some of the important aspects of requirements analysis and allocation, which are:

• Checking requirements for

— Completeness

— Compatibility

— Consistency

— Traceability

— Appropriateness

• Developing a set of derived requirements

• Placing the requirements in an automated context

• Allocating requirements to the functionally decomposed representation of the system

• Recommending changes in requirements where and when the preceding aspects suggest that such changes are desirable or essential

Because requirements analysis and allocation is such an important aspect of systems engineering and the ultimate success or failure of a system development, we deal with it in considerably more detail in the next chapter.

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