Reliability Maintainability Availability RMA

The RMA element focuses specifically on matters of the operating life and ease of maintenance of a system. In broad terms, reliability and availability are defined as follows:

Reliability. The probability that a system successfully operates to time ''t.'' Availability. The probability that a system is available to operate when called on to do so for a particular mission or application.

Maintainability does not have a generally accepted quantitative definition, but it is interpreted as the degree to which a system has been constructed so as to facilitate maintenance at an affordable cost.

There is clearly an important relationship between RMA and ILS. A system must be designed to meet specific reliability, availability, and maintainability requirements, as they are stated in the requirements and specifications documents. However, all three are supported by ILS considerations. For example, when a system or subsystem or component fails, a spare is usually required to put the system back on line. It is the ILS engineer who determines the level of sparing required and assures that there is a system in place to provide these spares in minimum time.

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