A.1 Students who developed the case studies presented in this chapter are Richard C. Anderson (Case 4), S. Gulu Gambhir (Case 3), David A. Grover (Case 1), Robert H. Laurine, Jr. (Case 2), and Hassan Shahidi (Case 3). This author thanks them again for their diligence, inventiveness, and participation, as well as their permission to include this material here. A.2 Expert Choice. Contact Professor Ernest Forman, The George Washington University, Washington, DC. A.3 Catalyst Requirements, Annex II, System .Specification for the Catalyst System.

(1992). Rome, NY: U.S. Air Force, Rome Laboratory. A.4 Comer, E. (1992). ''Catalyst: Automating Systems Engineering in the 21st Century.'' Proceedings of the Second Annual International Symposium of the National Council on Systems Engineering, Seattle, July 20-22. A.5 Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) (1993). Engineering of Complex Systems. Silver Spring, MD: Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division Detachment, White Oak.

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