1.1 From your own experience or your reading, identify a. a project with major problems b. three reasons the project got into trouble c. what might have been done to

• fix the problems

• avoid the problems

1.2 For a project of your selection, discuss ways in which the systems approach a. was used effectively b. was not used, and the consequences

1.3 Critique the systems approach diagram of Figure 1.1. Are there ways that you would modify the diagram? Explain.

1.4 Discuss three advantages and disadvantages each for the following organizational structures:

a. functional b. project c. matrix

1.5 Draw a project organization chart for a project of your own selection.

1.6 Identify three responsibilities, other than those listed in this chapter, of a. the Project Manager b. the Chief Systems Engineer c. the Project Controller

1.7 Locate another two definitions of systems engineering from the literature. Which of the various definitions do you find most satisfying? Why?

1.8 Define three additional areas in which systems exhibit Type I and Type II errors. How would you describe such errors? Are these errors related to one another? Explain.

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