13.1 Identify and discuss six indicators of integrative management, other than those listed at the beginning of this chapter.

13.2 Identify and discuss six actions that an organization can take to achieve integrative management, other than those listed at the end of this chapter.

13.3 Cite three consistent patterns of behavior of your boss that a. support integrative management b. do not support integrative management

13.4 Investigate and write a three-page paper regarding the documented operation and benefits of integration product, cross-functional or multi-disciplinary teams.

13.5 Discuss, in four pages, how each of the following might support in-tegrative management:

a. structured analysis for systems b. capability maturity modeling (CMM)

c. Total Quality Management (TQM)

d. business process reengineering (BPR)

13.6 Describe five actions that top management should take to encourage integrative management in a company.

13.7 If you served as president of a large company, identify and explain ten specific steps you would consider taking in order to achieve integrative management.

13.8 Write a five-page report elaborating upon the topic of systems integration (see Chapter 12), as well as its relationship to integrative management.

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