9.1 Contrast and discuss how an architect designs a house or building with the systems architecting approach of this chapter.

9.2 Contrast and discuss the process of architecting with that of carrying out all of the thirty elements of systems engineering.

9.3 Architect a personal computer system.

9.4 Use the architecting approach defined here to select a cost-effective a. automobile b. project management software system c. modeling and simulation software system

9.5 Write a three-page review of the essentials of E. Rechtin's book (see the References).

9.6 Cite a dozen evaluation criteria for a. an automobile b. a house c. a system of your choice

9.7 Architect and engineering (A & E) firms architect buildings of various types and then engineer them. In what ways does that relate to the building of systems, as described in this as well as earlier chapters?

9.8 The illustrative architecture in this chapter (Section 9.5.9) suggests that any of the three alternatives might be preferred, depending upon the scenario you envision. Define three scenarios that would likely lead to each of the three alternatives as the preferred architecture.

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