7.1 Identify and discuss three systems engineering activities that you believe should be added to the list of the thirty elements of systems engineering.

7.2 Contrast the NASA life-cycle phases in this chapter with the system acquisition phases in Exhibit 2.1.

7.3 Functionally decompose a personal computer system. Write two requirements statements for each of the decomposed elements.

7.4 Define three technical performance measures (TPMs) for a. a personal computer system b. an automobile c. an air defense system

7.5 Find and describe two examples of cost-estimating relationships (CERs) from the literature.

7.6 Identify and describe three specialty engineering areas other than those cited in this chapter.

7.7 Find a risk analysis approach in the literature and discuss its major features.

7.8 Define and discuss two systems engineering management issues, other than those cited in this chapter, that are likely to have a significant impact upon the success of a systems engineering program.

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