Production and Deployment

Production refers to the phase of a project during which one or more installable systems are being produced for the customer. In many procurements, the user or acquisition agent, as a matter of policy, recompetes the production phase for a given system. Many contractors specialize in this production phase, with developed expertise in the ''build-to-print'' arena. Organizing and implementing a production or manufacturing capability is itself an area in which systems engineering procedures and practices can be brought to bear. It also can be an exceedingly complex set of activities because it deals with the fundamental capability of an enterprise to replicate a system that has already been built and accepted by the customer. For additional information regarding this subject, the reader should refer to the large available literature on production and manufacturing. The final points to be made in this respect are that (a) producibility issues have to be dealt with as part of systems engineering (note that manufacturing analysis is a subject cited in Mil-Std-499B), and (b) systems engineering processes need to be applied to the actual production and manufacturing of the system.

As the system is being produced, some units of the system may be moving into the installation/deployment phase. This is a rather straightforward subelement, requiring excellent documentation on how to install the system in its operational environment. Such environments range from rather benign situations, such as an office building, to more stressful ones such as aboard a ship or a submarine. In some cases, special analysis has to be carried out so as to assure field operability. This applies, for example, to siting a radar in a particular ground-based location. At times, unanticipated problems arise during installation for a system that was operating without difficulties in a more controlled environment. Most companies have specialized installation teams that are familiar with the types of problems that surface during system deployment.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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