Preplanned Product Improvement PI

Preplanned product improvement considers the ways and means to enhance the system beyond the scope of the current contractual arrangement. Such improvements generally enhance performance, and more than satisfy the requirements, as currently stated. Examples of such improvements include:

• Extending the range of a radar system

• Decreasing the response time of a transaction processing system

• Increasing the storage capability of a database management system

• Adding built-in test equipment (BITE)

• Increasing the speed of a network

Improvements under P3I consideration represent candidates for follow-on efforts that the customer might consider in future versions of the system. By dealing with them during the current effort, migration paths to improved systems are identified early. With the rapid speed of technology advances, it is necessary to provide a clear and low-cost path to downstream system improvements.

P3I is normally a part of all commercial products, although it may not be called by this name. Whether your firm is making razor blades or software, plans for product improvement must be on the drawing board at all times in order to be competitive in a changing world.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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