Overview Of The Systems Approach And Engineering Process

The first two chapters of this book provided an overview of some of the systems engineering notions that are dealt with in more depth in this chapter as well as the following four chapters. In particular, Figure 1.1 and the supporting text provided an overview of the systems approach. To reiterate the key features of this important perspective, the systems approach:

1. Establishes a systematic and repeatable process

2. Emphasizes interoperability and harmonious system operation

3. Provides a cost-effective solution to the customer's problem

4. Assures the full consideration of alternatives

5. Utilizes iterations as a means of refinement and convergence

6. Leads to satisfaction of all user and customer requirements

7. Creates a robust system

The three main aspects of this approach, in the context of developing a real-world system, involve:

1. Architecture design

2. Subsystem design

3. System construction

Architecture design deals with the top-level considerations and the fundamental design choices that have to be made in constructing a system. After this is completed, one then addresses the more detailed design of each subsystem. After these two steps are complete, it is then possible to actually construct the subsystems, composed of hardware, software, and human components.

In Figure 2.2, an overview of the systems engineering process and its management was illustrated. This expanded the preceding three aspects of the systems approach by adding two additional elements:

1. Other system and subsystem considerations

2. Project control

This gave more substance to the systems approach, and also introduced many more detailed elements of systems engineering and its management. In this chapter, we describe the fundamental elements of systems engineering and its management in the form of thirty specific tasks to be accomplished by the systems engineering team. Before addressing the thirty key elements, we briefly examine two other approaches in order to place these elements in other contexts.

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