Organization Staffing And Task Responsibility Matrix

The project organization can be simply the organization chart (see Figure 1.2 in Chapter 1), supplemented by a short description of key roles and responsibilities. Staffing refers to the next step of actually assigning categories of personnel to the various project tasks. This results in a task responsibility matrix (TRM), as illustrated in Table 3.3, based on the schedule in Figure 3.2. We note that person-week totals by task and by category of personnel are easily derived from the assignment of personnel types to the tasks. As indicated previously, if a WBS is part of the project, and the relationship between the tasks and the WBS has been developed, then it is possible to also develop a profile of which personnel are expected to execute the elements of the WBS.

It is considered optional for the project plan to contain the specific names of the people that represent the various personnel categories. Clearly, this step must ultimately be taken, but it does not necessarily have to be part of the program plan document. In many ways, it is preferable to treat the assignments by category rather than by the names of specific individuals.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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