Methods And Standards As Integrators

Both methods and standards tend to support the achievement of integrative management. Because they normally set forth well-considered ways of doing business and are widely distributed, they are read by many researchers and practitioners. This leads to their incorporation into the processes and procedures of a large number of enterprises. This, in turn, promotes a common understanding and vocabulary regarding best practices. This, of course, is an ever-evolving set of activities as we discover new and better ways of building systems.

A few of the methods that have had such effects include

• Structured analysis for systems

• Capability maturity modeling (CMM)

• Total Quality Management (TQM)

• Business process reengineering (BPR)

Of course, by formalizing the processes and elements of project as well as systems engineering management, as represented here, the notion of integra-tive management is also supported.

The standards that we have discussed in this book also tend to enhance integrative management. These have included military standards (e.g., Military Standards 499B, 498, and others) as well as commercial standards (e.g., those produced and promulgated by the international standards organization [ISO]; the Electronic Industries Association [EIA]; and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers [IEEE]). Often, the requirements and specifications for new systems cite these standards; it therefore becomes important for industry to be aware of their provisions and meaning. Again, this builds common ways of looking at the systems development process across the industry. In turn, this supports and facilitates integrative management.

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