Managers As Integrators

In Chapter 1, we introduced the project organization and the project triumvirate—the Project Manager (PM), the Chief Systems Engineer (CSE), and the Project Controller (PC). The project organization chart, shown in Figure 1.2, indicated that all three members of the triumvirate have significant responsibilities and, in fact, are usually managers. This management team serves as the primary integrative factor for the project. If the three persons are working together in an integrative fashion, then the project members will usually follow their example. If there is less than complete trust and information exchange, this, too, will be conveyed to project staff, and a different model of behavior may be established.

A key attribute of the triumvirate is that of being able to communicate. A dozen essentials of an effective communicator have been described in Exhibit 6.1 in Chapter 6. Among the items listed is to be able to ''synthesize and integrate.'' In this context, integration refers mainly to thinking in terms of how pieces of information, as well as human behavior interact and might be brought together in a harmonious way. Appropriate communications itself serves as an integrator. It conveys information in a ''holistic'' manner so that people on the project can see and experience the interrelationships between information and people. Because one of the principal forums for communications is in the context of a team, the matter of teams as integrators is considered in the next section.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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